Kitty Kat Haven strives to always create humane situation that facilitates a better understanding of cats, thus creating a healthier adoptee. Kitty Kat Haven’s sanctuary keeps the strictest standards in order to provide the most optimal experience for both the cats and the community. Our new intake building will further our mission in creating a safe and healthy environment for our cats.   

  • As we transition from a foster-based Rescue to a fully equipped refuge, this SMALL building will fill a HUGE need. It will allow us to provide immediate, individualized care to newly arrived cats suffering from either physical or psychological trauma. It will allow them the time they need to heal sufficiently before being moved into the cage free general cat building.
Intake Building 10′ x 20′
  • With the space and structure secured, our intention is to continue working on turning this 10’ x 20’ shed into a safe, healthy, and secure building that will make it possible to avoid the bottle necking we currently experience. Many people call us as a last resort and do not have the time it currently takes (sometimes up to a few weeks) to get their cats into our program.
  • We have the space and building to move forward. We hope to have this building ready for intakes by the beginning of spring but will need a lot of help to reach this goal. With the tax-deductible donations of the compassionate and generous members of the community we serve, we hope to achieve our estimated goal of $5,000. The more funds we receive, the more innocent cats can be saved, and the fewer of them will have to die, alone and afraid, on the streets or in high-kill shelters.

List of ITEMS needed:

  • Volunteer to create a social media campaign
  • Insulation rolls
  • Sub Flooring, 200 sq ft
  • Hospital grade flooring; 200 sq ft
  • Drywall
  • Plumbing supplies
  • HVAC materials
  • 2×4 Dimensional Lumber
  • Exterior door with window
  • Interior door
  • Toilet
  • Large Stainless steel sink
  • Small bathroom window


9/28/17 – We bought our new intake building!

10/8/17 – Prepping space to place our new building.

Giving second chances to local adult cats and taking the time to find forever homes.