The core concept of Kitty Kat Haven is to facilitate the needs of local adult felines in the Lewis County. Thanks to the community support, our cats are housed in a cage-free environment that is equipped with lots of safe places to rest and sleep, have human interaction, play with colorful toys, and roam around the outside cat enclosure. This is better for both cats and people because it is more natural. It is also a humane situation that facilitates a better understanding of cats, thus creating a healthier adoptee. Kitty Kat Haven’s sanctuary keeps the strictest standards in order to provide the most optimal experience for both the cats and the community.

intake poster

  • As we transition from a foster based rescue to a shelter one it has become clear our kitties desperately need an intake quarantine building which is separate space where they can get comprehensive and individual attention needed to move them in to the cat building.

intake, example

  • Due to the nature of our facility, Kitty Kat Haven has found it to be vital to our continued success to have a separate intake/quarantine building. In the past we have relied on foster homes to house our incoming and sick cats during the isolation period. This has not been the most reliable way of handling our new/sick cats.
  • We have the space to now build our own building and are planning to break ground at the end of September. With everyone’s help we can achieve this goal.


11/13/15 We have raised and secured enough resources to get the foundation and bones of our buildings started. We have had to push back the project due to scheduling difficulties with our volunteers who will be working on this project for free.   Weather will now also be a factor in moving forward.
7/18/15 Thank you to Violet K. for Donating her birthday money to help us with our building.
7/1/15 – Donor has come forward to let us know if we take down his barn, we can keep all the material to use for our building. This will help us with lumber and the foundation of building. old barn
6/15/15 – Electrician and friends have volunteered their time to help build building. This means we will ONLY have to pay someone to do our dirt work & pluming.

Giving second chances to local adult cats and taking the time to find forever homes.