The simple addition of a 10’ x 20’ Intake and Quarantine building will convert our current facilities into a self-sufficient sanctuary, and make a long held dream a reality.

As we transition from a foster-based rescue to a fully equipped refuge, this SMALL building will fill a HUGE need. It will allow us to provide immediate, individualized care to newly arrived cats suffering from either physical or psychological trauma. It will allow them the time they need to heal sufficiently before being moved into the cage free general cat building. For more information see: Intake building or to make a donation: CLICK HERE

Giving Tree

  November 18th to January 1st.
1405 NW Louisiana Ave
Chehalis, WA 98532

This holiday season consider “Giving Back” to the often forgotten/ overlooked rescue cats. Kitty Kat Haven in Partnership with the Chehalis Petsense will have a “Giving Tree” located at the front of the store up until December 31st. It takes a lot of cleaning supplies and cat stuff to keep our rescue kitties healthy and comfortable during our stay.

For some, Kitty Kat Haven becomes their final home. Items don’t need to be brand new, just gently used. The tags on our tree represent the items we are in need of. Feel free to take a tag with an item you want to buy/give us. Any donation can be dropped off during business hours. Please see: Kitty Kat Haven wish list to see a current list of needs.

Supplies Drive

November 18th, 10a – 5p 
1405 NW Louisiana Ave
Chehalis, WA 98532

As the days shorten and the temperature drops, our cats’ world grows increasingly darker, damper and colder.
As winter approaches, and with their continuing comfort, health and well-being in mind, we are appealing to you, the community, and asking for your compassion and your help. We are in dire need of contributions to our rapidly dwindling supplies and provisions.

Giving second chances to local adult cats and taking the time to find forever homes.