Medical Funds

Kitty Kat Haven regularly gets messages about adult cats with “special needs,” in need of a “home” in between homes. We take in cats with disabilities, seniors & geriatrics, cats with Rx diets, as well as cats on medications, or behavior issues. If we have space and money for a basic wellness check, we take them. As with most special needs pets, a basic wellness check is just the start. Our kitties regularly need lab workups, like blood testing, x-rays, urine testing, as well as dentals and surgeries. Many requiring multiple things done.



The simple addition of a 10’ x 20’ Intake and Quarantine building will convert our current facilities into a self-sufficient sanctuary, and make a long-held dream a reality.

As we transition from a foster-based rescue to a fully equipped refuge, this SMALL building will fill a HUGE need. It will allow us to provide immediate, individualized care to newly arrived cats suffering from either physical or psychological trauma. It will allow them the time they need to heal sufficiently before being moved into the cage-free general cat building. For more information see: Intake building or to donate: CLICK HERE



Giving second chances to local adult cats and taking the time to find forever homes.