Wish List


Kitty Kat Haven has several different ways that you can choose from to donate and make a big difference in a cat’s life. Here are just a few items we are always in need of. We can also put your unneeded/unwanted (good condition) stuff to use at Kitty Kat Haven. Here is a list of things we would greatly appreciate.


Clumping cat litter
Disinfectant spray
Laundry Soap
Murphy soap
Jumbo litter boxes
large litter mats

Every day needs:

Cat food -Blue buffalo, taste of the wild,  Kirkland Maintenance (Cosco, dark purple bag)
13 – gallon trash bags
Anything CATNIP related
Toys: Crinkle balls, fur Mice
Litter-boxes, jumbo, extra-large, large
Soft silicone brushes
Cube type pet beds
Kennel beds/pad
Scratching posts, Cat furniture
Cardboard Scratcher
Warm, soft blankets
Stainless bowls
Plastic totes for storage
Plastic 4ft,6ft,8ft folding tables
Gift cards

Please clearly label ALL donations

Donations for Kitty Kat Haven can be dropped off at:Chehalis – Centralia Veterinary Hospital, during business hours:

1214 NW State Avenue
Chehalis, WA 98532
(360) 748-6622 .

Giving second chances to local adult cats and taking the time to find forever homes.