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Kitty Kat Haven has several different ways that you can choose from to donate and make a big difference in a Kitty’s life. Here are just a few items we are always in need of. We can also put your un-needed/unwanted (good condition) stuff to use at Kitty Kat Haven. Here is a list of things we would greatly appreciate.

*Cat food -Kirkland Maintenance (cosco, dark purple bag) * Clumping Cat Litter            *Murphy soap             *Bleach      *Disinfectant spray       * 13 – gallon trash bags         *Cat nip toys *Crinkle balls        *Toy Mice           *Soft silicone brushes       *Cube pet beds         *Kennel beds          *Scratching posts           *Cat furniture    *Flat sheets           *Small warm soft blankets        *Stainless bowls    *Litter-boxes, extra-large            *Plastic totes for storage           *Plastic 4ft, 6ft & 8ft folding tables         *Gift cards

Please clearly label all donations

Donations for Kitty Kat Haven can be dropped off at:Chehalis-Centralia Veterinary Hospital, during business hours:

1214 NW State Avenue
Chehalis, WA 98532
(360) 748-6622 .

Giving second chances to local adult cats and taking the time to find forever homes.