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All of these cats are currently available for adoption and looking for forever homes. They come with adoption folders, current vaccinations, spayed/neutered, de-wormed, treated for fleas and micro -chipped. For more information or to adopt one of these special cats, please e-mail, or call us (360) 304-1457. Adoption fees is $70 unless otherwise posted.

To see all available cats please visit our petfinder page: adoptable cats

Kitty Kat Haven Joins National Animal Welfare Organization Best Friends Animal Society’s  August Pet Adoption Promotion

     You may not know it just yet, but your life could be vastly improved by a purr, or even two purring machines.

       August is a great time to consider bringing the power of cat into your life as Kitty Kat Haven is offering senior cat & cats with medical needs adoptions for just $20 or less..

  Fresca, 11yrs, F/S, Indoor only, NO Dogs or children

Her unique marbled markings make fabulous Fresca a standout in any cat crowd. A very shy and timid miss, her meowed message is to look, but not touch until she fully trusts you.  Then she will roll around on the ground and talk to you as she shows you just how much she wants to be your friend. Fresca is a wonderful cat who bonds very STRONGLY to her owner. Once that bond is established, petting quickly becomes the order of the day. A natural flirt, Fresca seems to favors adults only, and to thrive, requires a quiet adult-only home (without children, although she might tolerate other cats) with gentle and patient adopters to give her the time she needs to become the most loving of cat companions.

Trixie, F/S, 12yrs, No children, ONLY PET, INDOORS ONLY (fee waived)

Trixie is pretty shy, but VERY sweet. She doesn’t talk much but when she does, it’s in a very tiny voice. She is not a cuddle in your lap but will lay next to you on the couch or bed and purr up a storm. She doesn’t really want you to actively pet her but likes to have your hand rest on her. She loves to be brushed. She mostly likes being inside but goes out when it’s sunny and warm. When outside, she will usually sleep on the deck unless I’m doing something in the back yard. Then she will come over and flop down to get a belly rub – but only for a few minutes. She doesn’t bite or scratch at all, just hides.  For more information on Trixie see her petfinder page: Trixie

Elvis, N/M, 6.5yrs Indoor only

Elvis is a SUPER sweet and lovable boy who like to laze in the sunshine and chase birds that come too close to the windows. He is an excellent napper, finding the oddest places to take them, move closer and you can sense his super sweetness and his willingness to love. Elvis is a fiend for catnip and LOVES to chase the red dot! He was a little feral when his owner found him, so he scares easily from loud noises and new people. Elvis is a VERY sensitive boy, who can’t jump and doesn’t sit on laps. Elvis comes with his own things to help him in his new home. He is very well behaved, but needs a big space for his big litter box. He will need a patient family will to work with him, and love him as is. Elvis had a bladder problem once when he was 3yrs, no problems since has to stay on UR. INDOOR ONLY.

Coal, senior, FIV +, Indoor only  (fee waived)

Coal Kitty (FIV +) is a sweet older stray that made his way through a kind owner’s cat door. Coal has had a VERY tough life before finding his guardian angel. He’s has had a broken sternum in the past, he’s got slight scarring on his eyes (doesn’t seem to affect his vision).. Coal has had a FULL WORK-UP. His hind legs are odd shaped and he has a cute little knob for a tail. Despite all this Coal is a VERY LOVING boy, he is shy and timid at first, but as you gain his trust Coal is more than willing to show you how much he needs and wants your love. Although he’s not a lap cat, Coal kitty still likes it when you talk to him softly and give him gentle pets . Coal isn’t aggressiveness only  FIV + and in his golden years. You can tell this little guy is just looking for a loving quiet home with someone willing to give him a lot of TLC. In return Coal will purr and quietly talk to you.

Gandalf, 8yrs, F/S Indoor only

Gandalf, or “Gandy” for short, a sweet petite people watcher. She is very shy with new people and new environments. Gandy is a very soft, clean, and quite kitty. She has a timid nature about her, but can be independent in her own way. She likes soft treats, which is the way to her heart. Gandy will be your alarm clock in the morning giving you gentle kisses to wake you up. She likes to play with Fuzzy, we are trying to adopt them out together. No small dog or children. Gandy has Megaesophagus, because of this has to eat standing up, and take an antacid

Percy, M/N, 10yrs, INDOOR ONLY/ ONLY PET

Percy had an elderly owner, and has lived his entire life indoors. This shy boy, wants to be around people but is skittish with new people and environments’. Can be VERY hand shy, and not a fan of being confined. Percy will hide when strangers are around, but once he is used to his family, he is affectionate enough to sit on someone’s lap and purr loudly. He also needs some help grooming himself, and will welcome the gentle interaction. Percy may acts out when scared. He is a very sensitive boy, who doesn’t do well with change, may have been abused at some point. Percy needs someone patient and willing to go slow giving lots of TLC. Percy is looking for a loving quiet home where he won’t have to share his people or go out into the world. INDOOR ONLY, MUST be only pet. small children.

Moo Moo,  M/N, 10yrs, INDOOR ONLY,  FIV+

Moo is a (FIV +) people cat! Moo is so sweet, loving, cute, and playful. He loves to make people laugh, and although he can entertain himself, he’d rather to play with people. Moo sleeps on his back and will lay awake looking around or watch whatever is going on. He is a smart little dude. Moo likes “high” places and will find his special high flat surface to perch upon, to watch his family. This way he can still be with them without getting in the way.
Moo does have very sensitive skin, and will need to stay on flea medication. Any and every flea bite will turn red and scab. He is really good about getting his nails clipped. Just turn him on his back (head up toward shoulder) and clip them. Moo likes to use cat scratchers, needs to be strictly indoor kitty. He likes to sit and look out the window or screen door. He does get along with others, but would need another chill cat or mild canine. INDOOR ONLY. FIV + (cannot be transfer to people or dogs)

Molly, 12yrs, Indoor/Outdoor, Great Shop cat, (Fee waived)

Molly is a feisty senior who still has the energy of an adult. She loves boxes, catnip and small toys. She is more trusting of other cats then people, but once you gain her trust she will play with you. Molly was transfer to us so we don’t know anything about her previous life, other than she was allowed outside. She will sit by the door and meow to be let out. Molly prefers MEN to women, and although not a snuggler she is very quirky.  Not recommend for a family with kids or active dogs, as she likes to do her own thing and will let you know if you are bothering her. Molly will keep you entertained and is a good mouser. Inside/outside.

Some of our cats may be available at Petsense in Chehalis located at 1405 N.W. Louisiana Avenue,
1 (360) 748-8051

If you don’t see one that would fit your family, here are some other local resources for adoption. Please remember to ask if they have been tested for FIV/FELV and check to make sure they are healthy before adopting.

These are all third parties and Kitty Kat Haven can not guarantee health or behavior of any cats not adopted through us.

The Almost Home Project –
The Cat’s Meow of Lewis County –
Lewis County Animal Shelter –
If you have Face book – Lewis County Pets & Livestock, For Sale or Free

Giving second chances to local adult cats and taking the time to find forever homes.