How it all started, Sunset’s Story/ Founder

It all started because of one very special cat and the promise I made her when she was dying ……………..

SunsetSunset 1998-2008

Sunset was a feral kitten that I found in a Washington State shelter. She helped me to see that, great things come to those willing to put in the work. We spent many months together before I gained her trust, but after that, it was Sunset who got me through some tough times. When she suddenly passed away, I promised to honor her in the best way I could, giving second chances to “special” cats. Thanks to her unconditional love, I had the vision and drove to start Kitty Kat Haven. – Founder, Valarie Filer

About Our Founder

  Valarie Filer, the oldest of 4 siblings, was born in Southern California. She graduated from the Evergreen State College 2007 with a BAS in Wildlife Ecology. She moved away from her family.  During this time in her life, she adopted Sunset, a female tortoise feline. Being away from family and moving frequently, she was diagnosed with depression/anxiety that would have been unbearable it wasn’t for her two companions Sunset and Denali (a Husky). These two amazing loving pets got her through those troubling years from young adult to adult. Always being an animal lover and promising to save more kitties like her Sunset, it seemed like the natural choice for her to go into rescue work, rescuing the type of kitties who can often get overlooked. Kitty Kat Haven is born from her vision and good friends willing to support and help build a permanent sanctuary for these amazing cats.

Giving second chances to local adult cats and taking the time to find forever homes.