KITTY KAT HAVEN is a non-profit foster based rescue, looking to create a no-kill cat sanctuary in Lewis County, WA. We house cats who need more time and attention than normal shelters can provide. We reach out to the community in order to better educate people about our feline companions.

Mission: Giving 2nd chances to so-called “unadoptable” cats, and taking the time to find Forever Homes

Our organization believes that community education and outreach is the key to more cats finding their forever homes. We encourage people to take the time to get to know their cats, and give them the proper care they need. We believe there are no bad cats, just misplaced or misunderstood ones. We will provide a safe, clean, loving environment in order to create more adoptable cats. As well as providing a shelter for cats with special needs.

Featured Cat – “Obi” For more information on this special cat please see him http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/26228349/

At our core Kitty Kat Haven is about three things: Adoption, Education, Outreach, and . We want to help the most vulnerable members of our local pet community.

Adoption: Our program works with those special cats that need more time and attention than normal shelters can provide. We are only able to take a very limited number cats since we don’t have our own facility. Some of our adoptable cats are available at Petsense in Chehalis, Washington.

Education: This is the key to keeping more pets with their beloved family. We want to convey to the community that cats enrich our lives, however,  they, in turn, require attention, stimulation, socialization and steady relationships. Cat guardianship is a lifelong commitment. Most cat issues are fixable with the right tools and information.

Outreach: Our “Pet Pantry” is a community-based program dedicated to helping the residents of Lewis County, WA who are struggling with the choice of providing for their own necessities or purchasing food for their pets. We provide dog and cat food to struggling families.

No person is too old, ugly, poor, unpopular, disabled or mean to win the love of their cat. They love us uncritically and without reserve. It has now been shown that keeping a pet has not only emotional but physical benefits as well.